12:58 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • COLAs are bad for your life
    And I don't mean just soda. Many Americans can't afford the Cost of Living Alone prices they have. You'd have to live in Springfield to afford the cost of living alone. Several cities are going for the $300,000 prices. Not many can afford that much. They have to live in areas that cost $600-$1,000 or less if it's based on section 8. Many only make enough for being alive. Foods cost more, drugs cost more, smokes, beer, etc. You have to live on peanut butter sandwiches.
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  • COLA's are bad for taxpayers
    Good. If they're irresponsible enough not to save for retirement and rely solely on SS, seniors should move to the cheapest areas to live. This country is on a fiscal train wreck and SS and Medicare are two of the biggest reasons. Now is the time for cowardly politicians to reform entitlements and stop greedy seniors from bankrupting their children and grandchildren.
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  • Retirement
    They paid into it and should be paid an annuity. I agree with you that social security was meant to be a supplement and not the primary source of income for seniors. I hope my generation, baby boomer, and those below us know this. The younger you are, the worse it is.
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  • Low Hanging Fruit -- Again
    While federal workers are at the mercy of congress to grant annual pay raises COLAs are written into law. Now, even that formula is about to be changed for the worse. In both cases though, congressional bean counters always go to the easiest pickings whenever cuts in programs, pay and retirement benefits are on the line. In good times even when the private sector enjoyed 6% to 8% pay raises and bonuses federal workers often accepted a pittance 3% or 4% raise. Under Ronald Reagan in 1986, for example, private sector pay raises were in the 5% range while Reagan recommended a 5% pay cut for federal workers. Congress in their great munificence granted federal workers 0% that year. Gosh, thanks for the favor! Now that I'm retired on a fixed income I've seen my health insurance premium rise by an annual average of 7%, auto and home insurance increases by similar amounts (my home insurance in Texas went up 15%), costs of other things such as groceries and gasoline have all gone up. Yet, 1.7% COLA seems too much to bear for people like John Boehner and his Republican thralls who, like Ronald Reagan, have it in for federal workers. Republicans' dream of course has been to privatize almost every federal agency and turn Social Security over to the Wall Street hucksters. In the meantime Republicans like former Republican Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson who fed at the public trough all his life are squealing with delight as they see the down economy as an opportunity to bash and trash their favorite bĂȘte noire, federal workers and private sector retirees, many of whom depend on Social Security COLAs to help offset rising health care and prescription drug costs. Still, Republicans remain steadfast on their insistence on not cutting defense spending, especially in their own congressional districts where defense contractor goodies on such programs like the $396 billion F-35 fighter planes are portioned out among the many states in perpetual jobs-creation boondoggles in which many ex-congressmen sit on the board of directors of large defense-related industries. The fact is, both the Obama administration and House Republicans will cut vital programs. Those of us who are retired have few advocates as services are pared back while expenses rise. Both parties seem more inclined to protect the super wealthy in the short term while impoverishing more senior citizens in the long run. We are one Bain capitalist away from giving the entire farm to the 1% whose entitlements and wealth have increased at the expense of the weakest, the sickest, the young and the most vulnerable citizens.
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  • "chained COLA?"
    disgusted fed who hopes to hold out until retirement
    Just the latest attempt by the 1% (and apparently the administration) to make sure no one else has anything. I wonder what is cheaper than dog food?
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