2:27 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Wow!!
    Big Joe
    Really struggling to see how this is good use of taxpayer dollars. The President is already in office so there is no good reason to treat his re-election like it is his first time. During this time of downsizing, pay freezes, assertions that the Government is bloated, we can somehow both afford and have 13,500 military members to address this non-critical event. As a taxpayer, I'd like my military members to address more pressing issues.......
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  • Do Politicans Ever Think?
    If a president has been re-elected to another term there is absolutely no reason to have full-blown inaugural. Perhaps some pomp and curcumstance is alright but it is downright sinful to waste taxpayers money on this, especially when we are in such dire straits. Does the White House not see how illogical this is? And what about AF One being in the air almost constantly, that's a few bucks out the window. It is an insult to the tax paying public for politicians to carry on this way. Why do the ask us to pay more taxes and why do we rebel against it?
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