6:32 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Congress doesn't care if Feds unhappy
    Just me
    Let's have an adult conversation about this issue. Congress, (particularly Republicans)ultimately, wants FEWER feds, and if making the majority unhappy helps them achieve that end...then that is what they will do. They will, undoubtedly, work towards forcing a reduction in headcount until the worst of the retirement tsunami hits. At that point Congress will convene a commission to study why older employees are retiring, new hires don't want to work for the fed, and customer service is deteriorating. Once they have wasted millions, studying the obvious, they will come to the conclusion that special incentive pay (retention and hiring pay) is needed to bring in feds (in critical fields) and the rest will have to be contracted out (at a higher cost, of course).
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  • Standings for all agency participation
    Lisa Lisa
    The recent fed employee survey was the first one in my small agency that we have been asked to participate. I keep seeing the top and bottom 10, why not release how ALL agencies faired? Employees, including myself, would like to see how we did..and theres nothing. How can OPM expect employees to be engaged in these surveys if ALL of the rankings amongst various hot topics arent released. Its like asking my opinion and giving me no feedback. Was it a waste of my time?
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  • FHWA moved way up and this is what the top Civil Servant in FHWA sent out.
    Our agency is a tight ship, rarely in any trouble, and we were hugely responsible for execution of Stimulus (shovel-ready projects) to improve the economy in the past 2 years, so there is a sense of pride here. I think one of the reasons I love working at the FHWA is the leadership of the #3 man (The top civil servant, behind 2 politicos) Jeff Pianoti. Wanna help your agency move up? Here's what our Executive Director Jeff sent us about the results: FHWA colleagues – The Partnership for Public Service has published its 2012 list of the “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government,” based on the results of the government-wide Employee Viewpoint (EVP) survey. There are four categories – large agencies, mid-size agencies, small agencies, and agency subcomponents. I am pleased to announce that FHWA ranked 9th out of 292 federal agencies classified as agency subcomponents (this is by far the largest category) . FHWA’s ranking has increased each of the last 4 years, from 33rd (2009) to 19th (2010) to 12th (2011) and now number 9 - even as the number of agency subcomponents included grew from 224 (2011) to 292 this year. The Department overall was ranked #9 out of 19 large agencies and by far had the largest overall score increase of any agency in this category. We are pleased that, for the first time, all employees had the opportunity to participate in the EVP survey this year. Our overall ranking is reflective of the quality of our workforce and your hard work and commitment to our mission and the Agency values. While we take this opportunity to celebrate, we will continue to use the Employee Viewpoint Results, along with the results of the FHWA All Employee Survey to identify ways to make FHWA a more effective organization and a better place to work. Thank you for continuing to make FHWA a leader in the transportation industry and one of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government. You can view review our scores in specific areas and demographics at the link below. http://www.bestplacestowork.org/BPTW/rankings/overall/sub
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  • Best Place to Work in the Government?
    Over the past several years I've come to suspect this question is akin to asking for the best place to go snowboarding in Florida.
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