5:47 am, June 2, 2015

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  • 'Twas the day before C'mas
    If us Feds are working on C'mas Eve, then congress should be in Washington working as well!!
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  • I'm planning on working
    Should be a nice quiet day.
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  • Whatever
    This extra day nonsense is silly to me considering what's on the horizon. I guess if I didn't have any leave or very little leave then the extra day would be nice. I plan on taking the day off regardless. If it becomes an extra holiday then I'll use the leave on Jan 2nd or donate it. I've always considered a 240 hour leave balance as zero. I start every leave year with 208 hrs use or lose. It's sort of an insurance policy for me to maintain the 240 in the bank. 36 days off (26 annual plus 10 holidays) is plenty of time off for me every year. I don't need to tap into my 240.
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  • Great idea
    Great idea Rob. I have been doing that since the mid seventies. Have a good holiday season.
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  • 'Twas the day before C'mas
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  • it's the least he can do
    After screwing over federal employees with a 2 year (going on 3 year) pay freeze, while at the same time, giving the rich a tax cut extension, it's the least he can do. But I am not going to hold my breath, as for sure, he is no friend of the federal employees, many whom ensure his and the country's safety. Sadly, the GOP would be far worse. For sure, time to get out.
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  • Leave on 24th
    Re: leave on 24th. Do I want leave on the 24th - sure! Do I need leave on the 24th - no. I have my annual leave, so no big deal to use some of that. It would be nice to have the President make a decision on this. The general rule is if you already scheduled leave, leave is charged, so the extra day off doesn't help. A last minute decision just means that for most employees who already have scheduled all their use-or-lose for the year this will feel like one more donation to the federal budget.
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  • The Extra Day?
    I too have Use or Lose, but have not scheduled to take off Christmas Eve, yet. My reason... IF a Cliff resolution plan is developed this week, and the President CAN finally breathe and think about this little insignificant issue in the grand scheme of life in this country, and he opts to give us the 24th, I plan to donate the use or lose day to the Leave Bank for a fellow employee who has no leave and is going in the hospital for surgery AGAIN over Christmas! She will still get a donation from me either way, but that one extra day of coverage for her recouperation that will take weeks/months would be a great gift from me and other Feds lined up to help her out. Not all Feds are selfishly looking at this "extra" day as another day off....Merry Christmas everyone! (BTW--Yes I voted for the President too, and in my opinion he has his priorities in the proper alignment here!)
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  • 'Twas the day before C'mas
    Please remind me, when does Congress break for THEIR "holiday leave"????????? Must be nice to be able to avoid your responsible duties and only work a total of 37.5% of the year. And for only one term that you get full retirements benefits. What a gig. Yet the rest of us feds get to wonder if Christmas Eve will be declared a holiday. Tick tock.
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  • Congressional Retirements
    Alan Rides
    That's not true about congressional retirement benefits. Google 'OPM congress retirement.' They have FERS benefits, albeit slightly better than regular workers. A single term term senator with no other gov't work time will be able to collect an $18k pension when he turns 62. A single term representative with no other gov't experience will get no pension for not meeting the 5yr minimum.
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