2:03 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • What are the consequences?
    Taxpayer Too
    Sure I want Dec. 24th off this year but I don't want it to come at a great expense like leave without pay, no raise, etc. during 2013. This may just be what Congress needs to push us over the edge entirely since we are their pawns! I always keep my 240 A.L. balance and have 26 days during the year to use it so I plan accordingly as many should. Happy Hollidays to all.
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  • Day Off
    It's impractical to open the Government for 1 day after the weekend -- make that part of a day, due to early dismissals. Keep the offices cold for one more day and open on Wednesday!
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  • or not
    I'm beginning to think (as well as a few colleagues) that the government will not close even partially for December 24. Given the fiscal cliff negotiations, closing is likely to become a political talking point that the administration is not managing properly by giving employees the day off, and if they don't the same commentators will likely complain that the government is a Grinch. It may be impractical to open but it's life. As far as early dismissals at the direction of the bureau head or another manager, that sometimes becomes impractical as well as some upper managers don't realize that some staff begin early (6 AM) and announce an early dismissal 15 minutes before the earliest starting employees would be going home.
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