4:11 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Eliminate this cesspool agency now.
    Lets keep it simple and lets keep it logical.
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  • "Pre-Check"
    This guy says 99% of American citizens are not terrorists. Wow, so good to hear that from an "official." Fact is, the TSA are the terrorists. U.S. citizens should not be treated like this. The TSA is a huge waste of money and only provides "security theater."
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  • Government Approved to Travel?
    "The pre-screening passenger program, known as TSA Pre, is receiving more use and support across the country. Frequent fliers still must be vetted through a government program..." Americans should not have to be pre-screened or approved by the federal government to travel domestically.
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  • In the pocket of TSA much?
    Robert Hollis
    Your headline reminds me of my software days when we would joke, "it's not a bug, it's a feature!" Can't provide consistent and reliable screening? Just claim that checkpoint chaos is intentional! That's horsecrap and you know it. Checkpoint unpredictability is one of the top factors in the failure of screeners to do their jobs properly. ("Hey, I'm just back from vacation. Are we taking shoes off today or not?") A more effective editor might have headed this article, "TSA Insists Constantly Changing Rules are Necessary" and then examined the claim, instead of reprinting the same nonsense that Blogger Bob is spewing. BTW: I've heard Halinski speak. He is, to my mind, a clueless oaf who epitomizes the term "government employee." I doubt he'd last a month in a private security company.
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