12:07 am, May 26, 2015

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  • What about the future?
    I don't see anything regards to it. Only thing I see about the future is the automatic spending cuts taking place and Social Security goes down. I even see the stock market going up, which means somebody is getting rich, and it ain't you.
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  • Stop the Rah Rah for FERS.
    Compared to CSRS, at least for upper income employees FERS is dramatically inferior. Feds are not stupid, that is why virtually no one switched
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  • OF COURSE we weren't STUPID!
    The Original Joe S
    When they put out this trash and tried to get us to switch, our first instinct was "If THEY are pushing this, it's GOT TO BE BAD FOR US!" What the article doesn't tell you is that you have to contribute MORE in FERS to get the same result as from CSRS. Back then, I did an analysis. Keeping contributions equal between CSRS and FERS, I'd have lost $10,000 / year by joining FERS. By putting the MAX under FERS vs. the MAX under CSRS, it would be equal. BUT, the max under FERS was 10% while the max under CSRS was only 5%. Ergo, you got banged 5% extra for switching. Another thing: If you had 20 years and were 50+ years old, and your job were eliminated, you were INSTANTLY RETIRED [on a reduced pension, but you got your money and medical benefits]. As it was explained to us, if you were in FERS, and you were 54 years 11 months old, and your job were eliminated, YOU WERE OUT ON THE STREET WITH NO JOB. DUH? We also recognized that the National Socialistic Security Ponzi Scheme was a royal humping of a pyramid scheme, and nobody with any brains would volunteer to get the point of that pyramid up the fundament. Further, times could get tough, and the stock market could take a beating - your investments in TSP could go bye-bye. But, this would NEVER happen, HAH? Sign up for FERS, suckers, so we can hump you again! The government has always tried to screw the federal workers. Long ago, sick leave evaporated when you retired. Many poor souls at the end of their careers experienced a myriad of diseases: CSS, CHS, CRS, Diquedoo, The Turnsta and so on. These insidious maladies always struck on a Friday, and lasted through Monday, every week. Since they can't require a doctor's note for fewer than three days' absence, the pandemic was rampant. Finally, they allowed CSRS retirees to add their sick leave to their total years' service AFTER reaching optional retirement eligibility. Guess what they did to FERS? No sick leave carry-over. The pandemic has re-surfaced. I understand that FERS folks will be able to credit their sick leave toward retirement calculation NEXT YEAR. As I've been retired 5 years, I'm not up on this, not sure, and don't really much care. Used to be your first year and a half of retirement was NO INCOME TAX. You had PAID taxes on the contributions. What did the scumbags in CONGRESS do? They allow you to take only 1/30th of that amount every year for 30 years as deduction from your retirement income. They hope you will a] not realize you can deduct it, b] die before you have deducted 30 times and c] your heirs be unaware of the pot of already-taxed money the scumbag government holds, so they can KEEP IT. They won't tell your estate about it; you have to make sure your heirs KNOW about it, suckers. Remember the savings bond drives with the 100% participation goals? They actually had the nerve to state truthfully that it was an inexpensive way for the government to borrow money. Translation: We give you below-market rates, and tax most of the dividends BACK so that you get humped, suckers. After all, you exist to be a whipping boy for the hookers in the congress come election time. Many of us stayed in the CS for 30 at lower than private sector pay because of the benefits. Good vacation, good sick leave [if you didn't abuse it, it grew. Wonderful insurance.] COLAs in retirement - insurance companies couldn't match that. MEDICAL COVERAGE in retirement. What happened? Well, the economy went bad, and all the lazy, jealous rabble who were riding high on the hog during our lean years are now bleating that the Fed workers are getting TOO MUCH! Yeah, so, how come my contractors made MORE than I did supervising them? We put in our 30 for our medical coverage, and the socialist scumbags now give it away to the lazy, jealous blood-sucking rabble. Again, we were suckers. The congressdirtbags and jealous civilians complain that they can't afford to pay the fed salaries. Well, we SIGNED UP FOR THE LONG HAUL. Is it right to change the rules after the race starts? Well, that's the government. Believe them when they promise you something. Just ask any Indian.....
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