10:50 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Lifestyle Polys
    Can be beat and are only as good as the polygrapher. Sorry they dont catch spies or deter folks from committing espionage. They didnt stop Ames or Hansen! Quality of polygraphers has declined over the last decade. if the FBI, NSA, NRO and CIA think they are better off becuase of ploygraphs they are lying to themselves.
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  • Polygraphs are not scientific.
    Jerry A.
    Translation: They do not work. Polygraphs have been sold as reliable, and are now a fairly big industry. The article glosses over the fact that they are pseudo-scientific bunk. There is no test or study showing they are at all reliable. They are the intelligence/spy version of a placebo, a sugar pill given as medicine, in this case _sold_ as medicine. There isn't anything better, so the agencies keep using this garbage. (Maybe because their friends (or former co-workers) make a big profit? It's not like the idiots in Congress who believe in hokum like creationism or homeopathy are going to fix things.)
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  • polygraphs
    All levels of law enforcement should have random polygraphs. Maybe officers would think twice before breaking laws or rules of conduct. DoD study on random polygraphs for personnel. http://t.co/Tr7uafTd "the polygraph is the single most effective tool for finding information people were trying to hide." - DoD, NSA
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  • Beat them all
    The more they try to intimidate folks with polygraphs the more they push people to research how to beat them. And beating them is not hard, contrary to what the APA and Gov't agencies advertise. The polygraph and its users are laughable when truth to their BS is shown. THe McClatchy reports are a good example. And trained people are out there who know how to train others to beat it. The ranks will grow.
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