3:56 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Bonus Monday Holiday for Feds
    The last two occurrences of this were in 2007 and 2001. The real issue is the timely notification of whether the 24th is a day off for non-critical positions. In 2001, I did not give this concept a thought as I went on a 15-day cruise, returning on the 21st (Friday). The following Monday, I went to work (my use-or-lose leave was exhausted) and found out about the bonus holiday two hours later when I was catching up on my email. In 2007, the issue was planning my use-or-lose leave to account for either possibility. I am now retired, but I can offer one scrap of advice: try to avoid packing your use-or-lose days to the end of the leave year. Unless you have set plans, be willing to go to work for a couple of days. These workdays are normally light and stress-free and often turn into semi-vacations.
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