12:54 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Yes, the clock ticks
    As a long time federal employee I've seen instances of half-days, full days and no days of "bonus" leave when Christmas fell on a Tuesday. I think that the reason many feds are concerned is when they have use or lose and scheduled it during the holiday season. In some instances, such as mine, it may be difficult to reschedule before the end of the leave year in January 2013 due to agency mission-critical work. A decision one way or the other would allow timely rescheduling, especially since the recommended date to submit use or lose leave plans has passed.
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  • OK, I got these!
    Mike McMike
    •Will we be sequestered (whatever that is)? Yes. But then Congress will interupt it after the fact. •How will Syria play out? Assad will flee. Civil War will ensue. The Iranian-back faction will lose. Lebanon will return to propserity. •Are we going over the fiscal cliff? Yes. Already have. (I have already apologized to my unborn grandchildren.) •Is Egypt a friend or foe? If it smells like an Arab, it cannot be trusted. They can't even trust each other. •Which of our neighbors will star in the next celeb sex scandal, etc.? Congressman Moran. •Climate change and other topics to be announced. Climate change is not man-made, and it will take care of itself. The US is not the problem and cannot solve it. OK, NEXT!
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  • Drum roll, please
    Mike McMike
    Holiday? Yes. He will justify it based on the theory that it will lower operating costs.
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  • 12/24 Holiday and 5 Day Weekend for Congress
    Carter Hired Fed
    Regarding reaction in Peoria, why wasn't there an uproar over Congress last week taking a 5 day weekend when a 2013 budget hasn't been passed and the upcoming fiscal slope/cliff issue hasn't been resolved? It makes no sense to run up the utility bill when buildings have the opportunity to save four days of utility costs.
    Carter Hired Fed
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  • Let's hope so
    Can you imagine the additional gridlock on the 24th if not. The VRE won't be running, the commuter busses won't be running....need I add more?
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  • Extra Holiday
    Sally-How do you know that?It's a normal workday.And if you're very worried,take a day of leave.
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