7:40 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Why Just Dec 24th?
    Most of the arguments in the article apply to any day of the year, not just Dec 24th. If the feds have more time to shop on Dec. 24th and the economy gets a boost, why not Dec 26th, too? Heck, let's really rev up the economy and make working any day optional...making the federal employees sit at a desk only delays the spending of the taxpayer's money. Econ 101 states its the velocity of money exchanges that boosts the economy...so let's get those 10 million distributers of the contry's wealth to work shopping 365 days of the year!
    John T. Curran
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  • Krissykat
    I really hope I detected sarcasm in that reply. Most Feds have the luxury or a generous leave policy made even more generous after 15 years with two full days off per month. If you believe in what your Econ 101 teachers taught you and have no plan to actually accomplish something at work on the 24 th then I sincerely hope you take leave and save the screwing-off for the actual stores and not the time spent browsing sales at work. Of course we should give the 24th off to the Feds - why? They will be too busy not working to be doing anything productive. What a justification!
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  • The 24th
    I got a better idea. Why turn on the heat, electric etc. so a few may show up. And how much work will get done? You will help employee morale as well as save money by giving the employees the day off. And truth appears to be sarcastic.
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  • Irrelevant
    Richard Hertz
    Whether or not the 24th is declared a holiday is irrelevant. If it's a regular work day 75% of feds will "work" at home. Most of the rest will be on leave of some kind.
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  • Bonus Holiday
    Fed-up Fed
    In this day and age of tight budgets, another savings to consider would be on-site funding. No labor, no pay from direct funding anyway. So there would be savings from staff labor, utilities, and energy consumption for commuters. And, it's true, only essential personal should report to duty otherwise, non-essential personnel would have nothing to do since most other offices are mostly skeleton crews because so many personnel DO take annual leave to spend more time with their families which involves travel for some. Who wouldn't enjoy a bonus holiday?? Eager to see what the decision will be. Work or no work, I've already been approved for annual leave.
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  • Just saying
    For those who say just take the day off if you have use or lose, some are, however, if given the day off, that day needs to be used another day or forfeited. On another level, I am in and working, yes it would be nice to have the day off to finish up odds and ends, though I will be grateful for just a couple hours as I normally work this day and it is one of the longest days. Rarely is there a phone call, no walk-ins, etc. In our building, as of today, there are only going to be approximately 3 people working in the Agencies located here. The cost of the heat and electricity, cleaning individual probably will be more than our salaries put together. Now for another thought, if employees were granted the day off it is a little boost to the economy as most will run out to breakfast or lunch and do errands, pick up last minute items.
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  • bonus holiday
    Yes, I think it is deserved and should be given. We have given up almost 10% of our salary over the past 2 years, to include the coming year. I also think the savings of heating a building after 2 days of being shut down, for just one day, to then have it shut down again for one day would be huge across the board. I hope the President will give us that day. Merry Christmas all!
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