12:59 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Bonus holiday
    I'd vote for no bonus holiday. That way Congress won't have additional ammunition for more fed bashing. I prefer a good pay raise over a bonus holiday. I intend to use my annual leave for that day, anyway.
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  • Bonus Holiday
    I doubt that Congress will use the day off for fed bashing. CATO and the Heritage Foundation will do that, but who cares about them. Republicans gave us the day off also.
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  • Bonus Holiday
    Congress won't be working, so why should the rest of the federal workforce. Congress takes home a much bigger paycheck and perks. If the rest of the federal workforce works on Christmas eve, then so should they.
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  • Extra Day?!
    I see the Department Heads giving their employees the afternoon off, just as they do for every other Federal Holiday. The same will be for New Years Eve too... Offices will be closed 59 minutes early or they will offer 3 hours of admin leave...
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  • must come in
    If agencies do close 2 or 3 hours early, and you have taken leave you are charged annual leave (or any other kind of leave)to actually be in and not take leave prior to the scheduled dismissal time. This is similar to an office closing early for snow. You do not get the administrative leave
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  • Merry Christmas to All
    I find it interesting that everyone worries about what everyone else is doing (Congress gets 5 days off), what everyone else is saying (what is a "bonus holiday" anyway), or what everyone else is thinking (Peoria? Really?). I am proud to have been a fed for over 27 years, more than 20 years of that as a manager. Unfortunately, experience tells me most criticism about feds comes from the media, not from America's citizenry. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of folks who find fault with feds, but more often than not they're simply parroting what are (often) one-sided, uninformed articles about feds or federal agencies. My employees work hard every single day. They are proud of the job they do, and while not happy about the pay freeze, they accepted it, and moved on with doing their jobs. Monday, December 24th, should absolutely be an additional federal holiday...because it makes no sense to have a few people work when most will take off anyway...because many offices will require at least one person to work, when everybody would gladly take leave...and because, quite frankly, it's the right thing to do. Still proud to be a federal employee.
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    How about you quit wondering and scheming about how or when you will get your next "free" day and get back to work? Be grateful you have a secure job and don't have to worry about where your next meal will come from or how you are you going to pay your electric bill. My suggestion? If you are so worried about a day off take leave - that's what it is for. Go volunteer at a soup kitchen or a food pantry that day and then look at how stupid and insignificant your worries about a day off "free" are next to the single mother trying to feed 3 kids. If there ever was a worse time to grant a day off it would be now. Knock it off already - you make the rest of the federal workforce look like greedy, lazy, entitlement seeking slobs. I've never been more embarrassed to work for the government than when I see these petty musings over one day of leave. Get back to work!
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