11:01 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Proposed Change from Three-tiered to Two-tiered Classification System
    When most of our allies have a four-tiered classification system (Top/Most Secret, Secret, Confidential, and Restricted), the notion that the U.S. should go to a two-tiered system seems to be ill conceived. The three levels that we do have are defined based on an adversary obtaining the information (TS = grave damage, S = serious damage, C = identifiable damage). How would the panel define the two proposed levels? Another issue are the three categories of classified information: National Security Information (NSI), Restricted Data (RD) and Formerly Restricted Data (FRD). Only NSI is governed by Executive Order. The other two, RD and FRD, are governed by statute (the Atomic Energy Acts of 1946 and 1954). Only Congress can change a law. The primary motivation for the proposed change is the tendency to overclassify. As this is a problem of ORIGINAL classification, it would be better to update classification guides to reflect reality than to devise a brand new system that would force classification panels to work from scratch, and then have derivative classifiers learn new classification guides.
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