1:04 am, May 30, 2015

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  • NUF-Canine dentistry
    My dog has a tartar problem that we just found. Turns out that she'll need to be sedated and cleaned at an expense higher than human dentistry. Hopefully she'll let me clean em with gauze, as we progress.
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  • One out of pocket...not always so
    The note about two singles being more expensive in some cases than a family depends on the plan. Maybe there are plans that have one out of pocket that is for the whole family and the same as a single. But, what I see is an out of pocket for two people, each having one, on the family plans. So unless you have kids, which the third is less or none, that expense is the same either way. I also have seen deductibles per person. So than makes the lesser premiums more important.
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  • 5 year rule
    There is an exception to the FEHB 5 year rule that isn't often mentioned. It is where the Federal employee has been covered by the military health care system (TRICARE). This exempts the individual from having to be in FEHB for the 5 years prior to retirement if they have been covered during this period by TRICARE. However, they have to be enrolled in FEHB the year they retire.
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