10:13 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Right index finger?
    Hmm. I've never typed with my finger before. Always been my thumb no matter the device choice given. ----- There's also Siri. That is if you can talk loud and clear. Many have the mistake of siricanunderstandme going too fast and quiet. I usually do can.you.hear.me.now. With a one second pause each word it understand better.
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  • Mission dictates IT, not the other way around....
    As a common mistake, technology often drives mission. Too often the IT shops offer "customer enhancements" without giving thought to or gathering solid requirements. These customer enhancements are often derived from self serving IT engineers that want to keep their resume current. Just because it is the latest technology, does not mean it is the right fit for the mission users. This is another example of CIO's failing their agency for a feather in their cap. Now, don't get me wrong, some mission users can benefit from the apps (weather, maps, or custom apps) but, I'd say most mobile users are assigned devices to stay in communication with their supervisors or their subordinates when they are away from their desk. Just my two cents...
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  • Shiny new toys??
    While I agree with the writer that as a society we are too often smitten with the latest gee,whiz-bang, toy-du-jour, I take issue with her seeming reluctance to embrace the new technology and exploit its capability to the fullest. Except for the fact that the iPhone is not threatening her job, she comes off a little as a latter day Luddite. Yes, there is a transition period with each new piece of technology that creeps into our lives. So what? Quit whining, get over it and move on. Oh, and BTW, there is on-line help (and user's manuals/guides). Try RTFM. (Read The F*leebing* Manual.) As a last resort, ask one of your tech savvy office pals, or call corporate tech support! Good Luck! This writer is in his sixties and loves his iPhone!
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