11:50 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Brilliant!
    Big Joe
    Lets make sure we freeze the federal workfoce's pay, yet allow the contractors to get reimbursed in pay for over $230k. A GS15 step 10 only makes $155k, yet our pay is in the spotlight when the contractors are raking in the pay! I can't get two nickels to rub together, yet the contractors I know stay an hour or two past their quitting time (which I do for free) and they get overtime! Tie contractor pay to the max federal salary!!
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  • Goldman Suchs
    I'm sure you won't mind giving up your job in 2013 as long as the bankers get their Christmas bonuses (courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer). Both parties are bought off and paid for so don't count on logic entering the picture.
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  • Niagara Fools
    These guys aren't going to do anything but spend, spend, and spend some more. It costs 10 billion per day to run the U.S. fedgov, and we borrow 4 billion of that each day. The fiscal cliff isn't the problem. The problem is the debt. U.S. debt ratings at junk status, that's coming up. We're not much above that now. Once that happens there are only two paths: 1. Interest rates rise and the banks collapse (holding over 500 trillion in CDS (Credit Default Swaps) or the more likely: 2. Print, print, print money leading to a currency default.
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  • Everyone relax!!
    This is one instance when the best thing to do is simply nothing. Which, incidentally, is something our lawmakers excel at. Let everything that is scheduled to happen, happen. For once we will begin to address our debt problems.
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