8:55 am, May 28, 2015

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  • There's the rub....
    Big Joe
    I don't mind being on call 24/7 and working at night and weekends, but when I leave work 15 minutes early I get a gentle reminder about time card fraud. So, how do other readers account for all the free time given? Do you just eat it and take leave when necessary? Report all time but only get paid for the regular 80? Don't report the actual time worked when out of the office? From my perspective, my Agency is getting a great deal. I work 90-95 hours a pay period and get paid for 80.......
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  • Time Card Fraud
    There are rules and regulations, minimum times assigned for after hour calls and being called in after hours to return to the work site. Payroll and time card fraud works both ways. If you never made that statement, it is a powerful one to state, when used, it ends the conversation your in. Report all hours worked according to the rules and regulations, if challenged state, "if you use my time card information properly you should be allocated additional manning and staff", time worked can be compensated with Comptime and/or Credit Hours, use those too.
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  • Fair both ways
    I work my 80 hour work week. I take my computer home during the week end and holidays and will use it for personal items as prescribed in our rules. Generally, if there is an email, I will respond as it generally does not take long. My managers are generally not abusive so I will try to help out if I can. They, in turn do not abuse me. Naturally, the one that did got no positive response. I feel that the exchange is fair and reasonable at both ends. I am okay with this. I also do not give 90-95 hours per pay period.
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  • Correction
    80 hours per pay period, not every week
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  • Compressed schedules
    Our boss will not allow us to work a compressed schedule because they expect us to be glued to our blackberries even on our days off. I've been told the issue has gone up to our General Councel to check the legality of it. It should be simple to get a day off once in a while and not be expected to respond to every email. When I was on vacation out of the country for three weeks no one could contact me then, why not when I want to work a compressed schedule?
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  • Technology as a master
    Ms Laura
    Folks who can't eat a meal without answering the phone have an inflated view of thier importance. You are not productive if you work ALL the time without stopping. You are the most creative and productive with regular breaks, including MEALTIME AND DOWNTIME.
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  • Reply to Ms. Laura
    You make an important point regarding many if not most of those who are expected to be available 24/7, i.e., while complaining on occasion regarding the expectation of their 24/7 availability, such status is also very psychologically uplifing for many. That's because it allows them to see themselves as part of an elite cadre who are many cuts above the rank-and-file GS swine below them (never to be referred to as such, but always so tacitly considered). As in the case of the article's high-ranking Fed whose dinner was repeatedly so interrupted, it's highly likely that she saw this as enhancing her perceived importance in the eyes of her co-diner (to wit: Wow! She's working on a high priority project for the Oval Office, and her input is indispensable! Cool!), and inside the Beltway that's the "currency" that's really significant.
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  • 40 hour week means 40 hour workweek.
    We work a 40 hour workweek in the government. I always have given a good honest 40 hours of work for 40 hours of pay. After that, my time is my time and I will not take a blackberry home or respond to it after hours. I will certainely not respond on weekends, let alone Thanksgiving or Christmas in the middle of dinner, to satisfy some manager who has no personal life. I am not in a job that by its nature requires someone to be "on call". There is no need for an IRS agent to have to deal with anything except Monday thru Friday from 8:00 to 4:30. Anything else is harassment. This is something that I hope the unions fight tooth and nail. Unfortunately, some agencies do not have unions.
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  • On stand-by? Comp time?
    Lisa Lisa
    Enter the Blackberry. At work, these are status symbols and still are. If you are a Director or other sr member, you are issued one.My boss was issued one and you would have thought he was something-always checking the BB even in meetings. It was eyerolling to see this man with this status symbol. The RUS where issued the Commodore 64 of cell phones-your basic cell. Some complained because they felt they needed a BB for projects to taks pics of lets say construction and there my boss gets one only because he is a GS14 who sits at his desk all day. I didnt complain because I saw what it means to have one at work-constantly connected with an expectation that they will answer email when calling in sick or on leave or off duty. Thats exactly what is expected of my eyerolling boss. He is chained to it..and its expected that he should answer that thing except for when he is on annual leave. He doesnt get compensated for it. Doesnt get paid to be on stand-by. The rules of being issued a smartphone are not established except for what the user can and cant use it for (personal use). But work can certainly use it for their conveniences and not pay people for after hours calls.
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