6:20 am, May 22, 2015

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  • This is overdue....its time to put an end...
    to DoD workfare...the real DoD budget when you include both the black and the white budgets, probably exceeds 1T dollars..the outcome of this unsupportable reckless and totally wasted spending actually hurts the real economy.Our so called, "sacred" DoD loses nearly $50B dollars a year that it cant even account for...the DoD cant even audit its physical inventory..it has no idea what property it even holds..where large amounts of it are located and what its value is...The DoD spends more money in one year than the top 15 other nations in the world spend on defense, COMBINED. The DoD is a black hole where money goes in and nothing comes out..it is totally mismanaged and the Congress use s it as its own private piggy bank and its own private workfare program for its own congressional districts...its time all this stop..the DoD needs to have its budget cut in half just for staters...and this is about as good a start as anyone could hope for...
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  • Black Hole / DOD
    I'll certainly have to agree with the Black Hole anology. I am sure its quite impossible to realize the incredible waste and mismanagement that not only takes place in the DOD... but with the US Government in general. This is a product of the government being so incredibly over manned. I believe a downsizing is exactly what is needed... at the risk of my own job being questioned... but for the greater good of the country... a serious pearing down of resources... personnel is exactly what needs to take place in the US Government.
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