6:28 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    I want EVERY DAG GONE PENNY I paid into Social Security returned to me, here I worked for 30+ years and now it's being said I won't get what I paid into??? "F" THAT!!!! GIVE ME MY DAG GONE MONEY AND I WILL INVEST IT, THIS WAY I KNOW I WILL GET IT BACK!!!!
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  • Poor Logic
    The reasoning behind this methodology is significantly flawed and anyone that does not see that does not understand basic economics, which by the way, is another reason to replace most of Congress. If the price of beef goes up, they are correct in that people will buy more pork. But in a basic supply and demand model, that means that since fewer people are buying beef and assuming that the supply of beef remains the same, the price of beef will then decline. However, in reality, if the price of beef goes up, the price of pork is probably not far behind. If the price of heating oil goes up, people either seek shelter, which we have to pay for, or they freeze to death.
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