12:44 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Needs to be done
    Time Bandit
    "Cardin said the reductions would result in the loss of about 36,000 civilian positions and thousands more in contractor staff." I used to be a defense contractor for the Navy from 2000-2010 before I was laid off, last 5 years was at the WNY in DC. As much as I loved working for the Navy, I don't blame DoD for having to cut back. I am not taking either side since I saw my share of redundancy on both ends, people getting pay checks and doing absolutely nothing to earn it. I also saw an increase in hiring those with degrees, even if they had zero experience in Navy work, their degree had nothing to do with the job or they were friends & family. I don't have a degree, thereby not making as much but that didn't stop me from going into work and doing my job. When asked, I offered suggestions to my company to streamline work, I was told they were wanting to create more work..not take it away. All in all, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work for the Navy.
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  • umm
    Not saying we don't have some deadwood around here but where are we going to cut? Our ofice has been short staffed for years. Every other month it seems they look to cut more. Seriously we are now short 5 employees.... and ours is a typical office. Where are all these jobs going to be cut from? The DoD no longer has any admin support. We have no mid-level people... you are either a 7 and below or 13 and above. I think a better idea would be to steamline things. It takes too long just to order a paperclip. Jeeeeesh.
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