5:10 am, May 30, 2015

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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    ""It is our plan to do competencies assessments for all of our major occupations. We are doing that through a strategy that helps us look at occupation by occupation, broken into grade levels, what are the proficiencies that we have and what are the proficiencies that we need and we will determine now what are the strategies,"" I used to be a defense contractor for 10 years for Teamsub, 5 years were in DC. I am not taking either side because I saw my share of slackers in contracting and feds who did absolutely nothing to earn their paychecks. Just because a piece of paper says a worker is competent to do the job, how do you know they can do the job? Maybe it's written in to make the worker look good and keep them in a job, especially those that are family and friends.
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  • Of course
    Of course. That's all a waste of time. soon to hit the dustbin of history.
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  • FutureRama!
    Hey, that's just great! David Kreig, smiling and moving forward into the future, he's using a "leadership planning tool"! Marching forward, maximizing our Fed speak, participating in our own demise as we go very professionally stick the seppuku knife in and twist real hard. Yes, with the Fed's 40 billion per month going to the banks, more Bush wars, with Obomba leading the way, in Libya, and soon to be Syria and Iran (does it REALLY matter who you vote for if you end up with the same result?). But hey, I'm all for giving up my job as long as JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Suchs CEO's Dimon and Blankfein get their Christmas bonuses this year!
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  • LSR = Lay Off Whitey
    Face the facts, if you are a Fed, male, and have no pigment in your skin, time to find yourself a new job.
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