8:09 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Is Mike the Font of all these rumors?
    I think he brings them back on slow news days, after fantasies of winning the lottery subside. While we each have our own dream, the common denominator is we must all work to make our lives bearable. Thankfully, we have Mike to guide us through the rough times, but what if the cliff is mostly bluster? Sure, they'll force some RIFs and maybe a furlough on us, but we'll all survive. We may have to cut back even more, then things get interesting. But it's not the end of the world yet, no matter what those Mayans say.
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  • Truth is stranger than fiction
    Rock Man
    Sometimes gossip can become reality. Perhaps a few wise leaders will see that the 5-5-5 plan might just help trim down the Fed employee roster. Lot to be said for trifectas. I thought Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan wasn't all that outlandish...could have worked.
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  • Perennial Rumor
    This comes up at least once a year and Mike dutifully reports it. I think it is funny that the rumor persists--you'd think the Feds would wise up, but then again, it is probably just wishful thinking. Retired Fed who has heard this before!
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  • More Like PerCauseyial Rumor
    It comes up once a year because Mike revives it once a year. He keeps it in his fallback drawer for use during periods of low news times. I only hear about it in his article. He brings it up just to shoot it down. Nothing wrong with that,,,just sayin. There are probably better rumors to perpetuate.
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  • Positive vs negative
    I have never seen much in the way of positives to retire unless you call the $25000 payout a positive. I think those in power are looking for negative ways for us to force us to retire.
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