6:43 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • This is wrong
    "Currently, federal workers that are injured on the job are eligible to receive 66.7 percent of their pre-injury salary under the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA), which is administered by the Labor Department. Federal workers with dependents are eligible to receive benefits equal to 75 percent of their salaries at the time they were injured." It should be changed since this should be illegal. Someone shouldnt get paid more just because they have dependents. Are they getting paid more on the job? no, so why should they if they got hurt on the job. If I was single and got hurt on the job, I'd sue
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  • I agree
    Plano Chiropractor
    I kinda have to agree with lonzo71 here. We certainly don't need financial incentives for people to have dependents. But there probably also has to be some financial incentives for federal workers in general because it's certainly not a job I would want.
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  • FECA
    GetOffYour Butts
    Federal compensation was fair and reasonable as it is now at 66% and 75% because married workers with Dependents normally take home a higher percentage of their pay and in general pay less federal taxes because they have dependents. I say do away with the Tax Free status of FECA payments___ and give all employees 90% of their salary if injured on the job and give all Law Enforcement personnel 100% of their pay if IOJ. If I were in the Secret Service___ I would not take a bullet for the President or the First Lady if I am only going to get 50% of my pay upon reaching retirement age and I would do my best to duck, cover and hide to avoid taking the risk of becoming disabled for life. If I were an FBI agent___the welfare and financial support of my own family (and myself) is far more important to me when I have to put my life on the line by engaging in a shoot out with a criminal. If I were a mailman---delivering mail on ice covered streets and risking injury is the last thing I would do. I am not going to risk getting hurt and then get screwed by lower compensation PERIOD.
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