11:19 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • You Can Do Better, Senator Corker
    Don't cut social security, make it viable. Raise the ceiling on how much income can be subject to the social security tax. Currently it's only about $110K; it could easily go to $150K with little effect. Iteminzed deduction limits should be far lower, try $30K instead of $50K. And how about some cuts in military spending? It's a huge chunk of the budget; even the military has agreed there are areas that could be cut. The one part of Senator Corker's plan I agree with is NOT to kick the can down the road.
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  • Once again the federal worker is asked to do more...
    Its amazing, even though federal workers are about to enter the third year of a pay freeze, which has already saved the government over $80B thus far, and many of us never enjoyed the so called payroll tax holiday since the 2% rate cut only applied to social security deductions, not pension contributions (which by the way are far higher than even the normal SS tax) we still are expected to contribute more. When is the general population going to be asked to contribute something?
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