12:43 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Smaller Agencies Added but no data reported
    Lisa Lisa
    I was able to do the survey this time around because FINALLY OPM decided to include EVERYONE and not just the big agencies. I was disappointed to see that no agency specific data was provided from all of those employees from those smaller agencies other than how many participated. We learned specific info from the big agencies but nothing on the smaller. I think more people would participate if their voices were actually documented. I wonder, will each agency receive survey results? Honestly, I dont think my small agency would give a rats behind as long as they havent been publically scrutinized or they dont have to answer to the poor results to the folks on the Hill that give them their funding each year. It was at least a step forward for OPM but the step fell short IMO.
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  • Leadership is overrated.
    In my 36 years at NIH as a fed, my impression has always been, and still is, that the "leaders", or "administrators", or "managers" contributed nothing whatsoever toward our mission. In fact they were if anything a hindrance. Administrators are clerks who get paid more, and have much better working conditions, than the skilled workers.
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  • Misnomer
    Nobody N
    There's no leadership in Federal agencies. There's hardly even any management. That's why I quit after 25 years. Waiting until retirement would have killed me from high blood pressure.
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  • Managers vs Leaders
    Emphasis is on management...just check the names of courses that most people attend...leadership courses are also available but they're so far up in the Stratosphere, as to be totally worthless at the 'worker bee' level. It's like apples and oranges to me...the federal civilian environment doesn't start it's people into any 'leadership' training until they're at the required grade level. What they consider the equivalent to junior officers or NCO's in the military, the Federal Civilian workforce seems to wait too long in a person's career to start developing personnel leadership skills in a normal manner. Take a page from the USMC...Small Unit Leadership begins at the 'grunt' level!
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