6:08 am, May 22, 2015

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  • In other words
    they did the job they were paid to do! Finally!
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  • Really?
    All these snide comments about doing the job they should do. You do know that the credit card industry writes off about 5% of their unpaid bills every year (and makes that up in fees). Stores write off shoplifting and employee theft that makes $47B look like peanuts. All of these rip off the average person but nobody cares about this. Government overpayments fall into 2 categories: accidental double payments and fraud. Most of the overpayments are double payments that are fixed by returning the extra payment. The money is not lost. Fixing this is really hard - if a bill comes in twice and the second bill happens to hit after the first payment is approved but before it actually is sent out the duplication can get overlooked. The reduction in overpayments in this category is due to improvements in government payment systems that reduce the time between bill approval and EFT. For fraud, this is generally a real savings, since fraud recovery is hard. Detecting fraudulent requests is very tricky and requires sophisticated checks of payment data to uncover duplicate SSNs, accounts to deceased, or to fraudulently set up corporations.
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  • U.S. debt
    Was it tricky to give the banks trillions of Fed money so they wouldn't go under? And was it tricky when repubs joined hand in hand with demobs to repeal Glass Steagall? Hey, you can't let the banks go under! That would bring EVERYone down. Yeah, sure, after repeal. Iceland was right. Currency default on the way.
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  • Only someone in the government
    Can say they "saved money" by not making improper payments. There is no savings here. In the private sector we simply call this doing your job. Saving money is when you figure out a way to do without something that is not necessary or find a way to do the same thing in a more cost effective manor. Not making improper payments means you aren't being stupid or fraudulent, that's all.
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  • How about the waste, fraud, and abuse they missed?
    Richard Hertz
    The federal gov't spent about $3.8 trillion dollars in fiscal 2012. Does he even have an estimate of the portion of the $3,800,000,000,000 that actually was spent that was waste, fraud, and abuse?
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  • But what about the billions of overpayments and just plain waste at DOD?
    See, there's this elephant in the middle of the room... Everything from the F35 to MEADS. Not to mention the aborted FVS (combat tank replacement systems).
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  • A lot of the waste
    is due to Congress. For example, the Air Force has said they do not need anymore C-130s but they are made in something like 42 states so the line will most likely never stop. The new engine for the F35 is made in 46 states, so killing that will be very hard to do.
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  • where were you complainers 8-10 years ago?
    Jerry A.
    Still in the same political party of all talk and no action. This president is doing something about overpayments, unlike the last one who sent suitcases full of cash overseas (literally) and to Wall Street (figuratively, because no one makes suitcases that big), in both cases without adequate oversight.
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  • repubs = dems
    both parties are the same, just two wings of the same bank-owned party. Ross Perot was right a long time ago. Ron Paul the same. You are right about Bush but you really are naive to think there is any difference. My guess is you think its ok to bomb people as long as its dems that do it, and only bad when repubs do it. Nothing changes in this corrupted political system, check out the gerrymandered (by both parties) that now nothing changes. It will soon, though, once our debt is downgraded to junk status (we're just one step above it right now) after the corrupt Congress/President kick the can down the road once again. Trouble is, they're at the part on Rt. 1 in Key West where the road runs out and the bouy there says "90 miles to Cuba." Hoo, ain't that right?
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  • if you think anti-science anti-women tea/republicans = democrats,
    Jerry A.
    and if you truly believe all of the rest of what you wrote, then there is nothing I can say to make you look any worse.
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