10:28 am, May 26, 2015

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  • TSA
    Big Joe
    I lost all respect for TSA and its management when they decided to do position reviews on their K-band (GS15) employees for no other reason than to combat Congress's view that they are too top heavy. Its too bad I found out it was a quota to hit after I invested 30+ hours of my own time to defend my grade when there was already a predetermined number to downgrade. I just hope someone remembers me when the documents that can prove this are unearthed and the lawsuit is filed. Moral problems? You bet!
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  • Well, the TSA is top-heavy with ex-FAA idiots and security wannabes
    anyway. A better approach would be to eliminate the TSA altogether and return to $8.50 an hour screeners who do just as good as today's $25 and hour screeners.
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  • SSA Telework
    Great news that telework is increasing across agencies, but not at SSA - the child left behind! Supervisors are still focused on how much time SSA employees spend in their assigned cubicle.
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  • The SSA is managed by idiots anyway.
    Seen it firsthand at a major Data Operations Center.
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  • Retention Rates
    Richard Hertz
    Surveys like this are meaningless. Everyone complains about pay in surveys. The real measure is retention rates. If gov't pay really was too low you'd see waves of gov't workers leaving for the supposed higher paying private jobs. That's not happening, and probably never will, no matter how long this pay "freeze" continues (it's not really a freeze is step increases are unaffected).
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  • Re: Retention Rates
    @Richard: I think you have a good point, but one nice thing about these surveys is they year-to-year changes in employee sentiment as well. So while most employees everywhere, always want more pay, this survey shows that it's a bigger concern for employees than it was before. ----- Although we're not currently facing retention problems, lower employee satisfaction could be a leading indicator for recruitment/retention problems in the future.
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  • I tend to agree - people vote with their feet
    However, the opportunity for private sector employment has been limited in the past 4 years but now the economy is showing signs of recovery. As the private sector recovers, people will have the opportunity to move and they will - in far higher quantities than during the recession. Also, when the stock market slumped in 2007/8, those considering retirement had to postpone, especially if they were under the FERS system. Now the stock market has recovered to its pre-recession level, they'll find it easier to retire. Even those in CSRS often have TSP accounts in the stock market and other stock market-related retirement accounts. My guess is that with the pay-freeze set to continue or at best tiny pay increases, folks will retire in a lot bigger numbers going forward. Who needs to stick around for all that abuse from Congress and the AEI telling Feds how lazy, overpaid and lucky they are to have a job?
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  • Voting with your feet
    True, but only up to a point. Surveys can provide an indicator of employee satisfaction before it gets to the point of leaving. If you have interesting work but lousy pay, many people may choose to stay but might not put in overtime hours or struggle to work on snowy days. Yes, people in the federal workforce do that - even though they aren't supposed to. Also, with a large percentage of the workforce able to retire I suspect that most are not looking for another job. They may be waiting for a spouse to retire, or a child to get out of college before they put in their papers, for their house to get paid off, or many of the other factors that delays retirement. The workforce is not getting younger (average age is still climbing) so at some point there will be a mass exodus. The only question is when.
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  • New agency data not specified
    Lisa Lisa
    It seems that the largest agencies provided for specific data from employee surveys. The 2012 survey added more smaller agencies this past year but it seems the report fell short of providing the same specific data. OPM just summarized. I for one, wanted to see how my agency stacked up but the only data specific was how many participated in the survey. I wanted to know how we did in the survey. Also, will these new agencies receive specific data from the survey? Of course, I dont think my small agency gives a rats behind about the data unless it matters to the folks on The Hill.
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  • They need to get contractor's cost of living renewed
    Cost of Living is higher than our incomes from time to time. They need to restore the pay increases for federal contractors. Janitors, mail clerks, distribution clerks, etc can't live on cost of living forever. Unless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the way of life.
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  • Please
    Time Bandit
    I was a defense contractor for the Navy for 10 years in DC, I saw my share of wasteful spending. Paying for knuckledraggers that did nothing to earn their paychecks but sit around the office and wander the internet, then there was the redundant work created just to keep friends/family employed. When I suggested streamlining ideas, I was told they needed to create work..not take work away. The other issue I saw was hiring college grads for lackey positions so the contracting company can charge the gov't more, here I was making $42k but then they hire a grad making $50+k a year w/ zero work experience.
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