1:40 am, May 25, 2015

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  • USDA
    is simply the worst Federal employer in the Federal Government. USDA has a very long history of discrimination against the American people, and it's employees. In addition to discrimination offenses, USDA perpetrates heinous acts of abuse against it's employees on a daily basis. USDA is broken beyond repair, and needs to be completely rebuilt from the ground up, starting with the removal of Tom J. Vilsack for his participation in the Shirley Sherrod incident: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirley_Sherrod
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  • USDA helping Forest Service.
    I keep having problems linking Forest Services to the US Department of Agriculture. I thought they were mostly farming and meats.
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    Seems like there is a widespread problem in USDA in how they treat women. I have seen it. No sense in working hard, it does not matter. You raise the issue and retaliation ensues. It is not worth to pursue equality in the last plantation. It is a disgrace.
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  • USDA Discrimination
    30 year fed
    I agree with the commenters and would add: try being a woman AND disabled AND over 50. It's the perfect storm. USDA appears unable or uninterested to follow the law and will flagrantly ignore it's own Cultural Transformation. USDA's EEO system is broken beyond repair.
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