8:47 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Begging for Scraps
    Sad part is that in many cases, this old Legacy tech isn't replaced or updated. Instead, the money goes to the newest shiny that some department or agency manager wants so they can show off. I've watched budgets busted by a project that looks to be little more than a way to brag, while critical infrastructure projects, long overdue for funding, get left behind. Frustrating for those of us who have to maintain this equipment.
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  • so "legacy" automatically = bad?
    frankly, I've watched as those currently in power have squandered hundreds of billions on "cutting edge" technology, be careful what you ask for, change is not always beneficial, as is being presently demonstrated . . .
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  • Not sure where you two are coming from...
    You make it sound wasteful and a hassle. Joeschmuck, hundreds of billions may have been wasted, but that is because the agencies don't assign proper folks and tools for the review. Especially in DoD, you have leaders, both military and civy crying the typical, "if it's not broken don't fix it". While pissin' away billions on legacy systems. Just look how many financial systems each Armed Service operate, while billions are over-budgeted for ERP systems, which both basically do the same thing! And you have the many cry-babies.. oh! my system and processes are unique... Pah-lease! Taxpayers should be angry! Unfortunately mid-level and senior leaders are not held accountable to anything anymore... It's all just a matter of budgets with zero accounting!
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