10:02 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Debt
    The "dangers of the fiscal cliff." I wonder if Mark Warner understands the danger of U.S. debt being downgraded to junk status? The Greeks and the Spanish do. Poor Mark.
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  • "...U.S. debt being downgraded to junk status"?
    FERS Fed
    Currently, Standard & Poor rates US debt at AA+, one step below their highest AAA rating. 'Junk' is typically rated 'BB' or lower because of its high default risk. There are ten steps between AA+ and BB according to S&P's debt rating scale. ..... Do you just make this stuff up?
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  • Warner Turncoat
    Senator Warner is hopeful that us FEDS won't feel a budget jolt. What he fails to mention is that he had a big hand in creating the mess that we FEDS are currently in. It won't affect him since he is a very wealthy man but yet he strongly endorses cutting our pay and benefits by strongly endorsing the Simpson Bowles Commission and is a member and creator of the so called gang of six. I find it hypocritical of Senator Warner to come out with this statement that he is worried about us FEDS during these budget negotiations when he had so much to do with creating this predicament that put all off us FEDS at risk. I am a Democrat but Senator Warner is a just a big time hypocrite and does not care at all about the average Federal Employee and average everyday American worker. Shame on him but he could care less.
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