5:09 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • "Digitization" of the mail! BRILLIANT!
    The USPS is on to something with this stroke of genius proposal. They can give it a catchy name. How about something like "E-Mail"!!! Yes indeed, the USPS is way ahead of its time on this one.
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  • Onion?
    Richard Hertz
    I swear, I thought this had to be an Onion article. This guy is a complete freaking moron.
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  • Better late than never
    Though you know what would improve their service? Learning how to manage mail properly, adding tracking numbers to all packages and having them signed regardless of cost, speedier services at affordable costs, etc.
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  • Digitization of the Mail
    ....I was waiting for this to happen. I would say it is not the technology but the 'Policy' as it pertains to security, privacy, and criminalization of opening someone else’s mail. Just take that whole infrastructure to the ‘cloud’ (so to speak). I bet you many people would pay for that kind of privacy. Here’s a tip: provide the ability for a consumer to scan their mail (maybe a check) into a machine (at random post office or building) before traditional mail. Document gets to its destination immediately….and is as good as the real thing. Food for thought.
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  • Behind the times
    Richard Hertz
    Those things are already happening. And the post office is being left behind and not at all necessary for those advances to take place.
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  • Forever
    Richard Hertz
    The real question we need to ask is why is the post office aiming at "growing revenue?" Why does it need to get bigger every year? The PO is becoming less and less necessary as the digital age REPLACES much of what the PO used to be necessary for. Sometimes you just move on and leave certain businesses and ideas behind. Think type writers, pay phones, and Polaroid cameras or photographic film. Instead of trying to grow revenue, the PO should be trying to save taxpayers money by serving their customers better. I weighed my mail recently and 97% of the weight of my weekly mail was junk mail that went directly into my garbage can. Why isn't the PO trying to serve me better by bringing me less trash? Because they're trying to grow revenues by serving the purveyors of that junk mail. The first thing the PO needs to do is figure out who their customers are, and then work to serve them better. Amazon's motto is they want to succeed when they make their customers happy. The PO should take on a similar motto.
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  • Too late!
    Kenneth W.
    I agree with Richard. The USPS hasn't figured out who their customers are, but continues to send me junk mail by the ton. Let's go back to what was 'supposed' to happen years ago - Privatization of the USPS. It didn't so now we're seeing again that they can't survive under their current outdated management strategy - again. Make them truly 100% self-supporting. The only way that'll happen is to 100% privatize them. Put the USPS 100% on contract and let's see what a private enterprise can do to make them profitable. Too many layers of management with too many outdated (and expensive) ideas. The USPS is being treated as a sacred cow. It's still tied to the government. Time to let it go. The service has not improved one iota over the years.
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