5:48 am, May 25, 2015

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  • ethics training
    Texas Fed Up Fed
    You can send these guys to all the ethics training you want but nothing will change their behavior until there are serious consequenses to their actions. Have some of these guys lose their rank, their retirement benefits, or receive a dishonorable discharge and you might get the attention of the rest of them. This behavior is still too acceptable in the Armed Forces Community for ethics training to be taken seriously. When the generals behave this way why should their subordinates behave any differently?
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  • What goes TDY Stays TDY
    Lisa Lisa
    That was a mantra I learned when I was in service my entire career. Unless DoD wants to hand out laptops with adult videos loaded on them, this will never change. Its not just officers-its been rampant for YEARS from enlisted to officers. People that go TDY or on a remote tour for a year just eventually break down and give in to it. I am not saying EVERYONE does, but quite a few do. The spouses cheat while hubby is away, the hubby cheats while he is TDY. When I went on my short tour to Turkey in the mid-80s for a year (and I was single) I was hit on by married men and single alike. I was looking for the tall tale sign of marriage-the ring mark. I came from a strict catholic upbringing. I was shocked at how much cheating went on in the military. I vowed I was never going to marry while in service..and I didnt until long after I got out. I just casually dated. I didnt want to be a statistic. Glad I did too!
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