1:16 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Mexico is more than
    welcome to put up fences, put up guards, have patrols, ect... I'm sick and tired of us spending millions, if not BILLIONS on a problem when the other country sits back and do NOTHING but complain...
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  • gunning down rock-throwers rather than using non-lethal weapons? tough nougat.
    The Original Joe S
    Throw a rock, take a round. Let the word get out, and they'll stop throwing rocks. [Stupid ones will continue to throw rocks. We are doing them a favor by culling the stupids for them.]
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  • Until MX takes action to keep their rock throwers from the border, shoot them.
    As for the woman's 16 year old....Darwinian Selection. Surely she could tell her son to stay away from the border. Learn to read, go to school.
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  • Rocks
    Joseph C.
    Ladies & gentlemen: Rock throwers were an integral part of most armies in the early days. Their lethality still hasn't changed. May I suggest that Mexico explain just what happens to a Mexican citizen who happens to even indicate such an action to the Mexican State or federal police. The military is another thing entirely, they just do not tolerate such actions. As a side thingie, explain Mexico's actions against it's southern neighbor's illegal's.
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  • Border Patrol under scrutiny for deadly force
    Brian Terry used bean bag (less than lethal force) rounds in his gunfight and look how that turned out. Goliath was killed with a rock.
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