2:15 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • OSC is worthless!
    Hopefully someday we will get a REAL President.. and they will shut down these worthless agencies! Look at their mission statement on their website. However, they will throw-out and close any case that is provided to them! They have a herd of attorneys to fight FOR the abusing agency! Congress needs to investigate that agency NOW!
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  • Good News! Provides OSC with powers to seek disciplinary actions.
    Congrats to all the whistleblowers, rights advocates and members of Congress who worked very hard to get this new law enacted. The federal government must demonstrate they are a model employer for industry. Retaliation against whistleblowers is causing a breakdown in ethical conduct on a massive global level. This new law provides powers to the OSC to seek disciplinary actions against government officials who retaliate against whistleblowers. Whistleblowers play a vital role in protecting the tax payers interest, preventing fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement and dangers to public health and safety. OSC has an opportunity to stop unethical conduct within the federal government and take the lead on the import of truth telling. We applaud the efforts of their staff and the leadership under Carolyn Lerner, Special Counsel. Keep up the good work! http://whistlewatch.org/2012/11/breaking-news-congress-passes-whistleblower-protection-enhancement-act-wpea/
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  • Can't trust DOJ
    kay sieverding
    You can't trust DOJ at all. Last Friday DOJ attorney Tricia D. Francis filed in my court case Sieverding v. DOJ 11-cv-01032 document 70 page 10 “Plaintiffs argue the following: 1) DOJ was unable to withhold records from Plaintiff without establishing an exemption pursuant to both the Privacy Act and FOIA” AND she wrote “Plaintiffs’ arguments are meritless and should be summarily rejected by this Court”. That is completely opposite to what DOJ publishes on its website http://www.justice.gov/opcl/1974indrigacc.htm “Overview of the Privacy Act of 1974, 2010 Edition” and in its online brochure "Your Right to Federal Records". Call Tricia Francis assistant U.S. Attorney, and ask her why she is filing that. Also, DOJ will withhold records and lie about them. Use my records to prove that. In D of Eastern Va 11-cv-0732 Sieverding v. USMS document 30, I filed a copy of 198 numbered pages that the USMS and DOJ counsel claim was a complete set of all the documents that the USMS had that include the name Kay Sieverding and which DOJ counsel Leslie Gardner said were identical to what they had given me before. However, I had received different documents from USMS on various dates and filed them in PACER. These include Case 11-cv-01032 JDB Document 6 Filed 06/17/11 Page 17 of 60, document 1-1 filed 6/01/11 page 9 Case 1:09-cv-00562-JDB Document 47-2 Filed 11/12/2009 Page 16 of 141 Case 1:09-cv-00562-JDB Document 7-2 Filed 05/01/2009 Page 13 of 29 Case 11-cv-01032-JDB Document 6 Filed 06/17/11 Page 22 of 60 Case 1:11-cv-00732-TSE -IDD Document 1-4 Filed 07/11/11 Page 1 of 1 PageID# 6 USMS FOIPA officer Edward Bordley filed an affidavit under penalty of perjury that the only records that the USMS created on me were in the WIN and the PTS/PPM systems of records.09-0562 JDB document 12 filed 6/12/09 page 2 of 12. Then later DOJ released NCIC records entered by USMS and JABS records. Furthermore, Bordley is blind so he has no idea what records are where unless they are in braille but DOJ doesn't disclose that when it files affidavits in his name. There are many affidavits "under penalty of perjury" by Bordley and all or most of them have an absolutely identical signature so it is clear that DOJ attorneys just paste a TIF into whatever BS suits their litigation needs. In case you're wondering, I don't have a criminal record. According to DOJ, DOJ imprisoned me because I sued the ABA more than once. I think it had something to do with the USMS staff being blackmailed with cell phone pictures of them getting lap dances when they were guarding former federal judge Edward Nottingham.
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  • test
    kay sieverding
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  • Violation of agencies' unclassified secrecy regulations and/or rules protected
    TSA whistleblower
    Despite years of leading whistleblower advocate organizations Project On Government Oversight and Government Accountability Project lobbying Congress to write into a provision in this bill that would stop agencies from canceling out whistleblower protections using their unclassified secrecy regulations and/or rules, i.e., the Transportation Security Administration's "Sensitive Security Information": http://www.pogo.org/resources/whistleblower-issues/wi-wp-20110629.html http://www.whistleblower.org/storage/documents/An_Open_Letter_to_President_Barack_Obama_and_Congress.pdf No such provision made it into the final bill. This is evidence that both the House and Senate UNANIMOUSLY agreed with the Republican coauthor of the House version, Rep. Todd Russell Platts, that no such provision was needed due to the fact that such protections have been in place for over three decades: "[the Civil Service Reform Act] has been the law since 1978, and it continues to be the law." http://1.usa.gov/SVSFMo
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