3:58 am, May 27, 2015

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  • OPM updates language announcing office closings
    The language is still confusing as there are many 'telework-ready' federal employees who are not considered 'teleworkers' because they are not on a telework agreement OR because their telework agreement does not specify that they are to work on inclement weather or other days when the federal government offices are closed for an emergency. The language should specify that ALL telework-ready employees are expected to work unless otherwise notified. Furthermore, federal agencies should be required to deploy employees in a telework-ready status when a known event is on the horizon. For instance, the government knew about Sandy in advance. There is no reason that the thousands of federal employees who work with laptops and are telework-ready weren't required to take their laptops home and be prepared to work from home. However, this does not resolve the situation where a storm, such as Sandy, has gone through and knocked out the power to many - which is why the government offices were closed in the first place. So, there needs to be clarity. When a storm has gone through and knocked out power to many, the federal government should be closed - period. How are federal managers supposed to determine who has power and who doesn't? The only way to get around that is for supervisors to call the power company to see if there is a known service outage at an employee's residence. Yeah. That's not going to happen.
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  • It says you should follow your agency's rules. If there ain't any rule in writing [telework-ready VS telework agreement] then you don't have to work.
    The Original Joe S
    If it ain't in writing, it don't exist.
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  • UGH...Geeez
    Lisa Lisa
    OK..IMO there is something to oversimplifying. OPM must distinguish, using verbiage used in personnel regulations when it comes to duty, such as essential or non-essential; emergency or non-emergency personnel. They must address teleworkers too. They also need to make sure agencies are identifying the same way so that EVERYONE is on the same page. The problem is, there isnt that many closures that occur so when OPM does make the announcement, I think most have to recall what happened the time before-which could equate to perhaps being a year before. As always, govt regs are too vague. When vagueness occurs, it leaves agency heads having to make a final decision based on their interpretation. So for instance, when we were given our potential pink slips last year, we were titled one of 2 categories and it seems a different language was used and it escapes me at the moment. The point is, use the same language throughout everything that revolves around personnel. We are either essential or non-essentional; emergency or non-emergency; or whatever should be used to differentiate those folks that must come in, come hell or high water.
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  • DoD bases around beltway
    The most frustrating and confusing are military bases around DC, but outside the beltway. The officials claim that the base commander decides, not OPM. Herein lies the baloney! Most base commanders reside in mansions on the base. So what do you think their decisions will be? Rarily do we have a base closure. If we do, the message and info is looney tune. Many employees and contractors are stifled with lack of guidance and info.. even on days of crisis. No one cares to monitor what is happening and base commanders are not held responsible for anything. So you have thousands of workers flying around dangerous commutes, bridges closed so it makes things harder, while the OPM already announced federal govt closed. Not us! They need to establish WHO the OPM directs and if they leave the decision to the base commander, THAT person should be held responsible to ALL worker commute accidents and additional crisis. Schools are closed, but we can't brings our kids to work! Our only teleworkers are the elite and good ole boys! To add to the lunacy, they reduce the number of gate guards which triples the traffic flow entering and leaving the bases. Someone needs to address this soon!
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