3:15 am, May 25, 2015

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  • 7 weeks seems more like 2 years
    Lisa Lisa
    While I read the Congress has been on break for 7 wks, it seems that they have been on hiatus for 2 yrs! And! They have been collecting a paycheck and benefits for doing what? NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE. As much as a lot of Republicans relishes going to the fed employee as the main target, I sit here thinking..really? Are they not fed employees/civil servants themselves? Do they own a mirror? Do they think they have done a stellar job these past 2 years to justify themselves getting a paycheck? If I acted the way Congress has these last 2 years as a fed employee, my butt would be on the line for a firing. Yet, somehow they have put themselves on such a pedestal that they dont look to their ownselves as the WORST civil servants on payroll! Exhibit A: Fiscal year begins Oct 1st. Last year (FY12)they didnt pass a budget until April-thats 6 months LATE. That left agencies scrambling to get projects on the table before FY12 ended. Exhibit B: Debt Ceiling: That was finally resolved in the last minute of the last hour of the last day. Exhibit C: Here we are in FY13 and on yet another CR. Now, if I pulled this kind of stuff at my workplace: getting deadlines in 7 months past their due dates or at the last minute-how do you think that would play out?
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