10:12 am, May 24, 2015

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  • What About Kathleen Sebelius
    who was found guilty of violating the "Hatch Act"? If a U.S. Government Secretary is allowed to violate the "Hatch Act", then the "Hatch Act" is meaningless and should be abolished. Reference: http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/12/sebelius-violated-hatch-act-and-may-be-fired-obama-administration-lawyers-find/
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  • Energy Secretary
    Chu is clearly leaving. There is virtually no chance Jim Rogers from Duke is being considered with the controversy and cost overruns on the big Edwardsport plant. The odds on favorite is former Senator Byron Dorgan (ND), if he wants it. He would need no up briefing, and would be the smoothest confirmation track Team Obama could hope for. In addition, if there is an energy bill, or even for energy and environmental issues, Dorgan is both quite able on Capitol Hill and in overseas forums on this critical subject. Being from ND is a plus for the ever more important relations with Canada toward energy independence within NAFTA. ADP
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  • The real deal
    Path Finder
    The Janet and the Eric have got to go.
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  • Next FBI Director
    The current FBI Director's term was extended for two years following congressional approval in 2011. His tenure is now set to expire on Sept. 5, 2013. Has there been any information about his possible replacement?
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  • Gee where is the diversity
    My experience
    It is a shame that as much controversy during the first term and the past election, there is very little diversity in the Obama cabinet. Hint to the GOP: Expose the hypocrisy to the 47%!!!
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