11:36 am, May 23, 2015

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  • It's about time!
    Someone has the knowledge & ambition(outside those turtles that feed off the top-the-upper management) & guts to think outside the box for a change! Maybe-just-maybe their are others whom can help her reverse the downward spiral???? Remember upper management: when the boat sinks you all will get wet...unless you confiscated all the life rafts before hand???
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  • Little late however!
    With postal manglement agreeing to the bill passed in the Senate to end Saturday delivery which is 17% of the PO's revenue, all to save 3% of its budget. What makes you feel that this movement is anything but a rate give away promotion on bulk mailings?
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  • Good to see!
    Good to see USPS embracing direct mail - the staple that has helped keep them in business. Here's a great "How-To" article we published about how to save on your marketing budget with bulk mail: http://blog.premierdatadirect.com/blog/bid/242162/New-to-Direct-Mail-How-to-Get-Started-with-Bulk-Mail
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