10:27 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Monday Veterans Day
    Fed Oldtimer
    Um, uh, Veterans Day is still one of the few holidays actually celebrated on its original date. It was just that this year it fell on a Sunday, so Feds got Monday off. If it fallen on a Saturday, Friday would have been the official day off. And on any other day, the actual date of the 11th is the holiday.
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  • Ditto
    Mike, looks like you repurposed your Memorial Day note. And it would be great, if this was Memorial Day . . .
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  • Wonderful book
    The Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Minute was A detailed about the end of WWI. Soldiers were killed after the end time as it took so long to get the word to the front. A sobering book that made you wonder what kind of idiots are out there. Some of the men in charge knew, but didn't tell the soldiers because they wanted them to keep fighting and not just wait for the end. Sad.
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  • Unlucky Frenchie
    After the last salvo was fired by French artillery, a Poilu climbed to the top of an artillery piece and lit his Gauloise at 1100 hours. A German sniper placed a round between his eyes.
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  • Mike,
    you are wasting your time trying to teach history, even American history to our citizens today. I think it was David McCullough, the historian, on 60 minutes the last 2 weeks talking about American history and the fact that Americans today are "history illiterates". I think if you watch Jeopardy!, you will find that you agree with this assessment. Teachers don't even know our history! The really sad part is that our leaders don't really care. It's more important that they be indoctrinated into environmental studies than learn our history beyond a few major dates and people. It' sad, the world we'll be leaving behind.
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