8:08 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Hatch Act didn't prevent either Barack Obama Hot Cup or iPhone Case
    It appears that the Hatch Act isn't very important, as it appears that individual/s think that having a hot cup with a picture of B. Obama is ok. The same with an iPhone case that says "Obama/Biden 2012". Laws that aren't enforced are dead letters. But, heaven forfend that you point out that the case is a Hatch Act violation; you get a "so what" (attitude) from the employee.....
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  • Use discretion
    I personally think that unless it is an official picture it does not belong hung up. Obama is the President, so the pictures belong in official places, but not in booths where you work. I personally would not complain if someone had a picture of Romney inside of his (her) booth (I voted for Obama), but it should not be publicly displayed or should not be viewed by the public. I know this might violate the Hatch Act, but it is insignificant to me. The Iphone case is stretching it a bit, whether Obama or Romney was on it. Keep it out of sight if someone strongly objects.-----I like talking and listening to political items at work for a short period of time (a minute or two) as long as it does not become heated. That has never happened and never will. I will walk away if I see a hint of that. I guess if one uses brains, there are no problems. If one is pushy, then there are problems. Of course in this column...I have fun.
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  • Conditions
    I see nothing wrong with hanging a picture of the federal employee having lunch or being given an award by a president. I did so when working and that was accepted.
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