5:33 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • 2+ Year Pay Freeze from this Administration: Hope is Strange
    Radar Tech
    My fellow employees voted for the guy that gave them a 2+ year pay freeze. We also just passed a new contract. This administration refused to negotiate on staffing levels, clawed back 30% of our in-lieu-of holiday pay, and took away our pay-for-performance bonuses. The union is cheering the wonderful "step forward". Most folks don't know it, but there were more federal workers (and union members) under Ronald Reagan than we currently have. Carter cut 8,000 federal workers. Reagan hired over 280,000 federal workers, despite all the "smaller government" rhetoric. Clinton reduced the number of federal workers (and union members) by over 270,000, despite all the pro-government worker rhetoric. Bush Jr. increased the number of federal workers by over 50,000 and our union hated him. This administration demonizes federal workers and gave us a 2 year pay freeze as a slap in the face for their bloated spending on contractors and our union loves him. Hope is Strange.
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