6:13 am, May 27, 2015

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  • The left hand still does not know the policies of the right hand...
    Military Medical Corpse
    Federal News Radio: Army offers early retirement in effort to reduce force size Wednesday - 10/17/2012, 6:48pm EDT http://www.federalnewsradio.com/396/3082255/Army-offers-early-retirement-in-effort-to-reduce-force-size ...so much for increasing the number of experienced active duty NCOs and officers in the Army. I guess the Army Chief of Staff didn't get the memo. -- http://www.medicalcorpse.com
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  • army too civilian
    1st: fire all the wurman. or reconstitute the DRAFT, AND PUT ALL draftees,and woman up in the front lines. i was in 66-70. i thought i would never,NEVER say git a draft. welll; lokin at the mess the milifairy is in,its time to bring bak the draft.
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  • Good News
    This is good news and will have a positive affect on significant increased professionalism. It will also be a tremendous savings to the bottom line considering the impending cuts that need to happen. Federal workers are especially of the highest compensated people in this country, and with the aid of public sector unions are the least effective and reliable. Soldiers who have been trained in dedication and are much more adept to pay attention to detail and more importantly report to work on a regular basis would be of a great benefit to federal offices anywhere in the DoD. I hope this trend continues throughout the military branches - especially the DoD (Pentagon, et. al.). A soldiers dedication to duty and country could do the work of two federal workers, and are typically paid half of those federal workers compensation. This also gives the soldier a skill beyond field duty, which will aid in making the field actions much more professional and skilled as well. Rather than spend loads of money retraining soldiers, when the soldier leaves the DoD under these conditions they already have a resume, and can land decent jobs. I hate to bash contractors, because on average they are paid only 90% (at best) than feds. But from my experience they work hard! Why? They have a private sector boss who will fire their butts. My experience with feds is that they are at best laxidasical about their work. If they can get time off they do. They complain about everything that is remotely discomforting. It is bothering me that they are getting a lot of needless and unproductive perks. At times, I have felt they really do not need to work. Not sure who their connections are, but I know my boss would have had their butts on the street. My experience with soldiers has been nothing more than a very high degree of respect, integrety and extreme professionalism, in how they conduct business, their careful attention to detail and how one can count on them. Of course these are generalities, and there are exceptions on all sides. All that being said, I think this is a great move!
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  • Soldiers beat on civilians. Civilians beat on contractors. Everybody beats on everyone else.
    The Original Joe S
    It all stinks. I'm retired 5 years now, and love that check that comes in every first of the month at 0005 hours. I served my 30 year sentence, and I've earned my retirement, health benefits, and serenity.
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  • Sorry to break your serenity, but military retirees can be involuntarily recalled to active duty...
    Military Medical Corpse
    For Life, at the pleasure of the president, to fulfill any duty the relevant military branch Secretary or SecDef determines, indefinitely: Read the relevant Federal Law here I know of an 86 year old psychologist who was involuntarily recalled to active duty and sent downrange in Iraq...surprisingly, according to the medical technician who helped air evac him back to CONUS, lugging a full kit in 120 degree heat in the shade caused medical problems for an 86 year old man. Go figure. Have fun being deployed to Forward Base Freedom in Teheran at age 70! -- Ex-LtCol, USAF, MC http://www.medicalcorpse.com Serenity Now!
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  • Here is the link to the federal law stating that retirees can be recalled to active duty involuntarily for life
    Military Medical Corpse
    This website redacted the Federal Law URL in my previous post: http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/retrieveECFR?gp=&SID=62b9729680f8f76f716d68d5510ecbbf&r=PART&n=32y1. or just Google: PART 64—MANAGEMENT AND MOBILIZATION OF REGULAR AND RESERVE RETIRED MILITARY MEMBERS -- http://www.medicalcorpse.com
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