11:40 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Yelling Fire in a Crowded Room
    Boy, when I first read this I thought oh man send in the rescue squad. But then I sat down and re-read the article and thought what a bunch of desparate auditors blowing stuff out of proportion. So the article says that delayed patch management means that some computers aren't patched within what time period? Are these unpatched computers externally facing to the internet? Most likely not. I'm pretty confident that the most critical systems have the most critical patches and that most likely it is the least critical systems don't have low priority patches. And that these less critical systems are removed from a network so that they are not easily accessed by patch management software. Otherwise the hackers would have destroyed the web sites and servers before the audit was done. These sensationalized "gotcha" tactics remind me of the boy who cried wolf. They don't serve any purpose except to create a rumor feeding frenzy and inflate a contractor's resume.
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