4:35 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Embassy openings?
    Hi there, Does this mean that the embassies will be opening again tomorrow? I'm not sure which departments this affects. I know when the federal government shuts down, so do all the embassies. I'm specifically interested in the Nigerian embassy. My passport has been stuck there and I was supposed to fly out today. Hoping to fly into tomorrow to hand pick it up and reschedule my flight out of DC. Can someone advise?
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  • Federal employee retirement checks
    Did federal retirees checks go out on time.Those electronically to banks and in mail.Its the first of the month thursday.In other words will there be any delay in retirees getting the November check in the mail or in deposit at bank
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  • Federal Retirement
    My check did get dir deposited into my account on Nov 1 2012 Thanks to all workers that were available to make sure i got my retirement in a reasonably time
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