12:17 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Storms
    I must admit naming hurricanes after men is still a little strange to me, but getting used to it. I do like the idea of naming them after Senators, anyone in Congress would do, at times, very appropriate.
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  • Bad one
    Sandy was bad. Natuarally we lost power. I adapted, but it was cold, (lost heat.)
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  • I was an Air Traffic Controller
    Lisa Lisa
    I was an ATC'er. I came in back in 1984. I am a woman. At that time, I was the ONLY female ATC'er at my first location. I dont think the guys knew how to handle me. Some were afraid to tell dirty jokes, some thought I was a fragile egg, some felt they needed to protect me as a little sister (which was very endearing), and some were just downright hating that I messed up their harmonious testosterone vibe. I had a lot to prove-not just to myself, but to the men too. My training at first stunk. I was in radar simulator training, and one VERY short male ATC'er made me wear a hard hat on the radar simulator and constantly screamed at me. I never said a word. I just pressed on. But it was one of the male ATC'ers that always looked after me like a little sister, that caught this nasty ATC trainer treating me not so humanly and he reported him to the Chief. I was brought in and the Chief apologized. He asked why I never said anything. ANd my response was really, I just wanted to be one of the guys and the LAST thinh that needed to happen as a female was to run and cry that someone wasnt being nice. I had a great career but I ended it after 10 years as a ATC supervisor. The shifts were awful and anyone that is in ATC knows you really dont have much of a social life. Its not like we get weekends and holidays off. Downsizing since Reagan era (and strike) really impacted our work and personal life.
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