4:09 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Yeah right.
    If only they would put half the effort in fighting the enemy that they put into training to fight the American people we would probably still have our Ambassador.
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  • Who killed our ambassadors?
    Noble Furr
    I find it interesting that out of the five ambassadors murdered since our country was founded, ALL FIVE WERE KILLED BY MUSLIMS! I think there's a message there.
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  • Yeah!
    We have too many civilians running around strange foreign muslims countries... is prolly right up at the top of the list Noble Furr. Or, do you think we don't have enough? Geez, I am sure we can find a few more 3rd world muslim countries to pound, detroy, kill, murder, pillage and label it greed democracy! Blah! As for this stupid waste of time looney MIC contractor run excercise... does it surprise anyone that they are charging entrance, but getting lots of funding from HLS grants? While I also do feel that training is necessary in all forms of crisis and diseases, etc. I also disagree that military SHOULD NOT be training with police. They have different missions, goals and oath to our country, laws and constitution!
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  • Zombies?
    Has anyone ever thought to tell the Federal Government (and the San Diego PD) that Zombies are FICTIONAL MOVIE CHARACTERS???? How is it that Odumbo (the self proclaimed world's smartest man) doesn't actually KNOW that there are no zombies?
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  • No Zombies...?
    Mick J
    roadapple, Learn What They Consider To Be A Zombie, Real-Time. And You Will Better Understand.
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  • Just A Thought...But
    Mick J
    Instead Of Dressed Up People, How About They Stage The Police/Military near San Quentin, Just Open The Gates And Let'em All Go. Let The Training Begin!
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  • Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasion
    When the Kenyan fraud is getting beat on election night, the hordes of disgruntled "libs" will take to the streets. This will go uncontested until they spill into the wrong neighborhoods, where some have had their fill of the lawless savages. This is the point the trained "zombie busters" will become involved. The ones that will attempt to protect their lives and property will be the targets of control. Martial law could ensue, and if so the long awaited civil war will finally take place. Its important to un-elect this anti American pig, and rid our republic of the socialist slime that permeates the entire gubberment left, regardless of the promises of widespread riots...
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  • umm excuse me ?
    ummm this is a bit on the creepy side...seiously ..what bio weapon do we not know about...why on earth would they train for a zombie apoc....very very strange indeed
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