10:06 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • I can see!
    I can see where DC could be in the mist of a moster storm when all that hot air hits the coming cold front! May not be too bad as are not most the politicians out of town campaigning? But, seriously. Take care back there! Flying tree limbs and icy roads can be very dangerous, not to mention all the water for low lying areas.
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  • Thanks Linda
    While I am not in DC, my area got slammed. I am typing on computer light as the power is out.
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  • Just another advantage of being a Fed ...
    O2B XFed
    While Sandy bears down on the DC area, I would like to remind all those Feds that did not get raises the last two years that you will be paid for this time. I'm a Federal contractor that works on a Federal installation. I will not get paid. If you get a week off, that is a 2% bonus to all DC Feds that taxpayers paid for and got nothing for except the effort of those poor "essential works" that had to show up.
    Finally ExFed
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  • 2% bonus?
    I saw no 2% bonus in my paycheck. I would rather work and be paid properly.
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