2:50 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Surviving for eight more days
    My thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by the storm. We were very fortunate in Northern New England. Many are without power, there is massive flooding in Southern New England, New York and New Jersey, fire has destroyed many homes in Brooklyn, and people in Bergen County, New Jersey are on their roof tops awaiting rescue. Several were killed from South Carolina to Canada. I trust the last thing on the minds of those affected by the storm is the election. Sadly, I am positive that sometime during the next eight days, the manner in which the federal government responds to Sandy's aftermath will be criticized and politicized. This campaign season is by far the nastiest I have ever seen, and I am disgusted. I must admit that I did experience a moment of exuberance when the secret "47%" video came to light. It was very entertaining. Last night I read that the DC offices will remain closed today. OPM director John Berry was quoted as saying something to the effect that it is a difficult decision to "shut down the government". This really shows the beltway mindset. I have news for those who believe that their job is so important that when they are not there, the entire government comes to a standstill. My office operated just fine yesterday, and it will continue to operate without a hitch today. I also have something to say to yesterday's disgraceful comment from Mr. XFed turned government contractor. Mr. XFed, life is all about choices. You can choose to work for Uncle Sam and make far less than your private sector counterparts (presuming that you are a college educated professional)or you can work as a contractor and get paid by the day, at a far higher rate than the civil servants whose job you have taken. Are you also T'eed off that the Wall Street boys will be paid as well? Stop your whining and thank God that you have a good-paying job. Many do not.
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  • DC shut down
    For those complaining about DC, don't forget that NY Stock Exchange is shut down for a second day.
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  • Political Appointees
    Dealt with many during my career.When you realize almost all pol appointees are just filing out a 4 year block on their resume,it's easier to accept/work with them.Most didn't try to make major changes and were generally ok.But the few who really thought they were going to change the world,oh my!After trying to give these types friendly advice,I just let them sink into their self created bureaucratic quicksand.
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  • Shut down? Serioulsy Media PLEASE get your facts straight!
    Although the Office of Personnel and Management Closed the Offices of the Federal Government in Washington and Baltimore yesterday and again today, the worforce STILL worked ... huddled over their computers at home! In fact, THAT is why the Dept of Labor WILL have the October jobs numbers on Friday as scheduled! The Federal Government has done away with "Shutting Down" no matter what is happeneing outside. Even when it Snows, employees are required to work their shift from home ... nevermind shovelling their sidewalks for the safety of their neighbors (and in complinace with local law), never mind shovelling their driveways out while the snow if fresh so they can get out and go in the next day. Feds are EXPECTED to go out in the colder, evening darkness brought by DSTime and get the job done! We are a punching bag for John Q. Public, I know that, but funny how John Q was and remains dependent on the Government (USGC) to save their butts (out in the ocean on a boat in NC during a hurricane, really???), tracking the Storm of the Century (NOAA), and provide Emergency services and coordination (FEMA) ... People conveniently FORGET all we do for them, and LOVE to take from their Government (including the National Guard) with one hand and bash it with their mouths! This disaster was the MOST WELL MANAGED I have EVER seen ... and I am again proud of the service we are all providing..come Hades or highwater! The election will also take place right on schedule, thanks to the work of Government agencies charged with that assignment I have no doubt, but that is the least of the Government employees' concerns today.
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  • to MDBBALL02
    my office is shutdown for most of us. We are not permitted to work from home or anywhere else. We must work at the office. I'm so glad MDBBALL02 can telework. I cannot.
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  • Kaykow
    Only time we are told we CANNOT LEGALLY WORK FROM HOME: Furlough. Otherwise it is REQUIRED by my agency. We work, and you sit at home, and we both get paid ... Smart... Agency's like yours are partly why the public hates its government employees....the part is Congress!
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