6:24 am, May 27, 2015

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  • DOD Dog
    Sure, let's keep pouring TRILLIONS into "defense" so the Fed can preserve the petro-dollar hegemony, export inflation into other countries (read: arab spring) and fill the coffers of General Dynamics, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, so they can fill the coffers of U.S. reps and Senators. Course, THEY have to keep printing up more cash to keep this insane party going. 40 billion a month now, should last to at least after the election. And that's what matters, right, crazy people?
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  • Leon, it's gonna happen.
    Your boss says without taxes on the wealthy, he won't sign. And we all know neither house of congress could muster enough votes to overcome his lordship's veto. So, start planning on doing more with less, like the rest of the country since your boss took over.
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  • Do the cuts
    These cuts are paltry compared to what needs to be cut. THe DoD Joint Chair Mullen did say a few years back that we would get to these days when we would not be able to afford to defend this nation. These cuts need to be made intellegently. The DoD has duplicative - nearly identical program offices. Just look at the bottom of any DoD web page. That is a start. There are up to 10 program offices for various NON-DEFENSE administrative duties. Couldn't these be consolidated into single programs? Rather than eliminate soldiers, eliminate the very expensive and burdensome civilians. Their salaries and benefits top $140,000 on average - nearly three times the average salary and benefits of private sector employees. Put a tighter eye on equipment and service procurement. Audit the department for once. Find the fat and the waste and the duplication and the redundancy. You eliminate all that, you wont need to cut one soldier, one piece of necessary equipment and you may actually make our defenses better!
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