10:44 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Hokum Pokum
    Oh please, what hokum. This is a trumped up article trying to say the Feds have it bad. A more realistic comparison would be the average salary of EVERY American and not just comparable jobs. The Fedgov is WAY overfed. But hey, I'm willing to give up my job as long as Goldman Sachs (A HUGE contributor to both Bombney and Obomba's campaigns) gets their Christmas bonuses this year. Jamie Dimon sez that's what really matters.
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  • I bet you were one of those people who....
    really enjoyed the high-paying private jobs when the economy was booming. Now that the economy has tanked, everyone wants to be a Fed. We weren't good enough for you back then, but now you're jealous because our jobs are fairly secure. You're a hypocrite and you know it.
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  • What in the world
    does the salary of some guy working at McDonald's have to do with the comparision of wages? In your argument you say that the average salary of every American should be compared and not comparable jobs. Well the federal government does not have certain jobs because they were told the private sector can do it better, faster and cheaper. If you are unhappy with that, complain to the private sector, not the government. If you do not do an apples to apples comparison, then you have zero basis. Just because I call myself something in the private world does not mean I can walk into a government job and do it or do it at the same level, and the same with the reverse.
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  • Really?
    You must not be a Fed. You cannot equate what the Feds do to jobs in the public sector. You didn't even equate outside jobs to the Feds. Goldman Sachs, Jamie Dimon work in the Private industry, and they make millions. Feds, most with advanced degrees have had their pay frozen going on three years. The professional and scientific work done by middle class Americans working for YOUR government, are done by those that could make 3x as much working in the public sector. WE chose to work civil service because it is an American thing to do. Serve your country, and yes, I am a Gulf War vet too--- so I have served my country twice. Have your pay frozen for three years while Wall Street causes the price of gas, food to go up and health care premiums increase, then tell me your woes. How would you like it if Congress set your pay? It is time to stop punishing Feds, and give us a raise. Its not our fault that Republicans and Democrats use us as scapegoats while neglecting the elephant in the room (Defense). Come do my job for a week and I bet you will say "You don't make enough!"
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  • Politicians trying to divert attention from them and cronies
    Honest Broker
    I was a contractor and then turned Govt, but it was not for the money because I took a 20 percent cut but received 2 more weeks of paid leave and a pension. If 401K plans had been around in the 1980s and one more week of leave, I would have not have gone into the Govt. It does all equate to all the factors of dollars per hour along with benefits package. A friend of mine works for SAIC and makes good money, but he works lots of hours and regrets how little time he gets at home with family. I am an engineer and talking to my colleagues, it is a complicated formula to figure out who comes out on top. Personally, I think the politicians just want to take the heat off their greed to let business outsource and offshore which drove good jobs overseas. Ironically tax payer dollars probably paid for the research to achieve that product and a tax deduction for the cost of moving overseas. Did not Ross Perot mention that sucking sound during the NAFTA debates? And then CAFTA? Thank your politicians for that novel outsourcing idea and how it has come back to haunt them.
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  • If that were true
    Aaron Kuperman
    There were be a noticable flow of federal employees quitting in order to seek more lucrative work in the private sector. In such a situation, the only reason someone looks for a federal job is because they are not able to find a private job, and typically with the hope of using federal experience to get a private job. When that occurs, any person with the minimum qualifications can expect to be hired for a federal job. There are areas where that is true. Government lawyers, especially litigators and prosecutors, frequently leave for the private sector, at least until recently. Military people in certain specialties are often recruitable by the private sector. But for the most part it is rare for experienced federal employees to quit other than by retirement, and in fact, it is very hard to get a federal job since they are widely covetted by those in the private sector. The best job security for federal employees is to be underpaid. We wouldn't have to fear from contractors coming in to do our jobs for less, and those who prefer public service to the private sector would only need to fill out a form at OPM to get a job.
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  • blah blah blah...
    You are the typical clown that can't meet the standards to even apply. So you post your baloney on fed sites without having a clue what you are even saying. Most feds do not even think of leaving for the private sector unless you are referring to the lower level unprofessional positions. If you had a clue, the comparison would be completed on a position to position comparison (ie. attorney, engineer, accountant, etc.) And because there are many lower support positions, but we don't have waitresses, janitors, burger flippers and other non-professional positions. You people (prolly T-bagger) make me sick with your tripe!
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  • Excellent Point
    Richard Hertz
    Virtually nobody leaves a federal job until they're ready to retire. The attrition rates (federal vs. private sector) are not even close. It is ludicrous to claim that federal workers are underpaid compared to comparable private sector workers. I'd like to see the actual data because there is no way this is true. Even with two years of pay freezes, federal pay is very high, even before adding in the very-generous federal benefits. In addition, many federal jobs include completely arbitrary educational standards, meaning the people doing the jobs are over-educated, and thus overpaid. At the FDA, for instance, nurses, pharmacists, and PhDs are hired to do secretarial work that is probably not necessary at all, and even if it were necessary, it could be done by high school graduates for 1/4 the salary. That type of stuff won't show up even in a real salary survey.
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  • The truth is more apparent by the day
    Not the truth on Federal pay, but the truth that there's Lies, *amn Lies, and Statistics! A report from a few months ago stated Federal pay at 26% over the private sector, now 34% under. How is this possible? It can't be, unless we all agree the numbers lie!
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  • Truth is More Apparent (If You Bother to Read the Study)
    Stack Rat
    Chuck@IRS, obviously you didn't bother to read the study that you refer to. According to that study, "Federal workers tend to be older, more educated, and more concentrated in professional occupations than private-sector workers." "Federal civilian workers with no more than a high school education earned about 21 percent more, on average, than similar workers in the private sector." "Federal workers with a professional degree or doctorate earned about 23 percent less, on average, than their private-sector counterparts." "Federal civilian employees with no more than a high school education averaged 36 percent higher total compensation than similar private-sector employees." "Federal employees with a professional degree or doctorate received 18 percent lower total compensation than their private-sector counterparts, on average." You might want to go to the CBO website and bother to read the study, before spouting off misleading information.
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